S4C’s Sunday night dramas are hitting the spot once more

Dylan Wyn Williams Sorry, Vera and Les Mis. There’s a new exciting Welsh language kid on the block to occupy our Sunday nights. Set in a bland courtroom and an eerie hotel in Bridgend County, 35 Awr (35 Hours) works its way back following the trials (boom! boom!) and tribulations of a jury thrown […]

Mary Queen of Scots – Film Review

Aaron Farrell Undoubtedly set to be contrasted with The Favourite for being a female-led, historical period piece released in the run up to awards season, Mary Queen of Scots is an enjoyable and important film in its own right. Though it isn’t upsetting any waters we haven’t seen before in […]

The Favourite – Film Review

  When satire is this polished and proud, we can take heart that satirists, in all mediums, are safe from censorship. Probably because of the infighting of those that want to control their countries and states but are too busy dancing, prancing and unromancing.   Yorgos Lanthimos is fast becoming […]

When Banksy came to Port Talbot.

Bethan Sayed, Plaid Cymru AM for South Wales West ‘They’re making Banksy mugs, coasters, t shirts and stuff in the town already to sell to the tourists coming! We’re getting 2,000 people a day visiting the garage, from as far away as Australia. I think someone wants to write a […]

Thunder Road – Film Review

  Aaron Farrell I first saw Thunder Road in Screenwriting class during my first year at University. We were particularly interested in the short film as a form of visual storytelling. Within that one take, I was in awe of the presence of an emotionally erratic man grieving his mother. […]