New poll shows Wales ‘not willing to pay’ for Brexit

More than three-quarters of people in Wales have stated they would not be willing to lose any money at all in order for the UK to leave the European Union.

The figures were released today as part of a poll commissioned by Wales For Europe and carried out by YouGov.

They claim that the average family is already paying £11 a month more in food prices alone than at the start of the year, as a result of the fall in the pound’s worth since the Brexit vote.

The poll published today shows that 76% of respondents would not be willing to lose a penny as a result of Brexit.

Among respondents who voted Leave in the 2016 referendum, 55% were unwilling to forgo any money (including income, taxes and prices).

Fewer than one in five people would be willing to sacrifice between £10 and £50 a month.

And only 6% would be prepared to lose more than £100 a month – all of them Leave voters in June 2016.

People aged between 25 and 49 years are most resistant to shouldering any cost, with 83% unwilling to surrender any money at all, compared with 64% of those aged 65 plus.

Helen Birtwhistle, Director of Wales For Europe, said: “These results demonstrate that the commitment of Leave voters to Brexit is not deep, and may well be changing as the full economic effects of Brexit become clearer.

“As the cost of living rises for families in Wales, we are all feeling the pinch. At the same time, the confusion over next steps in the Brexit process, combined with a growing realisation of the EU membership benefits Wales stands to lose, mean that people are reassessing their commitment to Brexit.

“These poll figures warn us that many Welsh people who backed Brexit could feel intensely disillusioned in the coming months as the cost mounts.”


The figures came as another poll showed that support for Brexit across the UK is at its lowest ever.

The YouGov poll for the Times found that just 42% of voters now think Britain was right to back Brexit, with 47% saying it was wrong.

Seven percent of Leave voters said they were wrong to back Brexit with a further 7% saying they don’t know.

44% said Brexit will make Britain worse off compared to just 23% who said Britain will be better off.

64% said May’s government was mishandling talks with just 21% saying they are going well.

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