‘Human shield’ to protect Senedd from Westminster ‘power grab’

The Senedd. Picture: Smoobs (CC BY 2.0)

A human shield will be formed around the Senedd building on Sunday to protest the EU Withdrawal Bill.

The protest will take place in Cardiff Bay at 12pm this Sunday, September 17.

First Minister Carwyn Jones, alongside Scotland’s FM Nicola Sturgeon, has condemned the bill as a “naked power grab” and “an attack on the founding principles of devolution”.

The bill means that EU powers in already devolved areas will be transferred to Westminster, rather than to the Welsh and Scottish parliaments, after Brexit.

The UK Government has said that the arrangement will be temporary, but Carwyn Jones and Nicola Sturgeon have argued that it an attempt to pilfer powers by stealth.

Yes Cymru, who are organising the protest, said that while many supporters of devolution voted for Brexit, it was being “used as a Trojan Horse by the Tories to salami slice powers from Wales”.

“It’s time that we follow the example of the people of Catalonia who are marching for their rights.”

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