New centre-right pro-Welsh independence party in the pipeline

Aberystwyth, where the meeting is due to take place. Picture by Mac McCreery (CC BY-ND 2.0)

A plan to create a new culturally and fiscally conservative pro-independence party will be discussed at an Aberystwyth hotel next month.

Prominent nationalist blogger Royston Jones has booked out a room for 50-60 people at the Marine Hotel, Aberystwyth on 1pm, November the 4th for the event.

On his blog he sets out the party’s principles: “Anyone who thinks Wales needs another socialist party, or a bigger third sector, or more Englandandwales organisations, really has nothing to contribute.”

The party will prioritise developing an integrated economy for Wales, and ensuring that the people of Wales are aware of their own language, culture and history.

It would also replace cross-border bodies with Welsh ones, and give priority to people from Wales on matters such as housing, he suggests.

“I would like to see a party that can ruthlessly expose the shortcomings of the parties currently ruining Wales while coming up with constructive ideas for making Wales a better place for our people,” writes Royston Jones.

“All the while reminding them that only by taking control of their own destiny can they have a country that stands comparison with the rest of Europe and the wider world.”

He encourages anyone with an interest in attending the meeting to get in touch.

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