New political movement launched with the aim of ‘building a better Wales’

A new political movement has launched promising to hold the Welsh Government to account and pull the country away from “reactionary politics, conflict and environmental catastrophe”.

The 1911 Group is a collective of activists, academics, and workers who are “deeply concerned” about the direction in which Welsh society is heading.

In a statement, the currently anonymous group said that they were looking for similarly minded people to help with our vision of building a better Wales – be it in research, organization or street activism.

“Our first and most immediate aim, in the absence of a robust Welsh media, is to hold the Welsh Government to account,” the 1911 Group said in a statement sent to Nation.Cymru.

“Indeed, we intend to challenge the prevailing regressive, anti-utopian political culture of the establishment at every turn.

“Whilst our immediate focus is the politics of the Welsh Assembly, we shall also actively critique the cultures, policies, and structures – local, British or transnational – that negatively affect the people of Wales and those beyond.

“Our second aim, which follows from the first, is to transform the ‘common sense’ of Welsh society, so that in the future, things like shelter, food, and clothes for all will be viewed as basic human rights in Wales, and an end to poverty & discrimination will no longer be regarded as empty promises.

“We seek to build an alternative vision of a better, more just society, discussing and proposing practical ideas required to achieve this goal.

“Neutrality, cynical detachment and aloofness are no longer options – we must make a stand and fight for what we believe in.”


While the identity of those involved remains a mystery, the movement’s name, the 1911 Group, refers to a tumultuous period in Wales’ history when “the future of Wales was brimming with possibilities – whilst also being replete with danger and disharmony”.

Events in 1911 included the founding of a Welsh Nationalist League to campaign for Home Rule, and the investiture of the future Edward VIII as Prince of Wales.

The 1911 Group said that Wales was facing similar challenges today and that the country’s people had to do “everything we can to avoid more dark times, and work to build a better Wales”.

“Wales is standing at the crossroads of history. One route leads to reactionary politics, conflict and environmental catastrophe; the other to solidarity, fairness and a better life for all,” they said.

“It seems the prevailing political culture in Wales is one that does not recognize the scale of the challenges we face and what is at stake.

“The ideas, leadership, and resolve required to address these problems and create a better world are continuously blunted and undermined.

“There is a desperate need for non-partisan, radical activism outside the constraints of the party system.

“A safer, more contented future for our children and future generations will therefore only be achieved if people stand up, take responsibility and attempt to fundamentally change the society we live in for the better.”

Those with an interest in joining the group are urged to get in touch with them here.

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