Professor: Tories on UKIP’s turf

Barn magazine’s cover this month

The Conservative Party have now occupied what was previously UKIP’s political turf, according to a Professor of Welsh Politics at Cardiff University.

In his column in this month’s Barn magazine, Richard Wyn Jones says that the majority if not all of UKIP’s candidates in Wales could lose their deposits on 8 June.

He says that the Conservative’s decision to talk about issues concerning workers’ rights has been the “final nail in UKIP’s coffin”.

Voter appeal

“I’m sure this will (privately) give the market-worshippers who have dominated [the Conservative party] since the days of Margaret Thatcher chills,” he says.

“But the evidence collected by my co-workers and myself (amongst others) suggests that it will also appeal to many of UKIP’s former supporters.

“These voters are considerably poorer and more left wing (on some measures) than the Conservative’s traditional voters.”

He notes that after swallowing the Liberal Democrats in 2015, the Conservatives are now planning the same fate for UKIP.

The June issue of Barn is now available and costs £3.99.

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